The Young Girl

The young girl 

Never accepted 

Never a part 

Innocence taken 

Love taken

Trust taken 

Respect taken

   Would you cry for her ?

Self worth taken 

Left with nothing 

Nothing but sadness 

She moved on 

Never too far from the darkness 

that came with what was taken 

  Would you cry for her ?

No one did 

That darkness became the comfort 

she never got 

A safety net of walls firmly in place 

Would you cry for her ? 

No … no one did 

That’s okay 

She cried for herself 

She looked in at the darkness 

And cried for herself 

She accepted herself 

She loves herself 

She trusts herself 

She is worth something

What is out there will always be 

Outside her walls 

She is protected now by her darkness 

           Which became her light 

 03/19/2014 PCB∞